Elfin Cable Cardi

The woods can be a mysterious place.  It’s no wonder that over the centuries, people have made up many a tale of magical creatures living deep in the lush, thicket of the forests.  I imagined that you were to ever stumble upon a fairy, gnome, or elf, they might be wearing something like the Elfin Cable Cardi.  This cropped cardigan is perfect for jaunts in the hills or mountains, especially for the up and coming fall season.  An excellent layering piece for your next short walk or long hike.

I’m considering this my first grown up project.  Honestly, I’m surprised that it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.  The picture in my head matched the finished product, I wish everything worked out like that.  Presenting my Elfin Cable Cardi (available here, on Ravelry)!

The small size takes only three skeins of Cascade 220, with some to spare, so this project can be very economical.  Once you get into the groove of the cable pattern, you’ll fly right through this project.

Notice that there’s only one seam, such a relief.

After finishing this project, I have a craving for more cables (one would think I’ve had enough, but oh no, not me).  But first, a few WIPs require my attention…

ERRATA!  Thankfully no one has started knitting just yet, but I was looking over the pattern and realized I DID NOT update the charts when I was putting the pattern together.  The errata is minor, but here it is:

Chart A does not include the extra 4 (8) stitches for size medium (large). Work the first extra 2 (4) sts and last extra 2 (4) stitches in Rev St st.

When working the sleeves, for sizes medium and large, the 2 (4) extra stitches were omitted from the charts. These stitches are to be worked at the sleeve edge in the established Rev St st.

*Pattern also available through my Etsy shop.


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