Knitting Groan

I’ve ripped out the shoulder shaping of my newest design three times already.  These are the moments when I get the feeling I’m a perfectionist, if only in my knitting.  It wasn’t sitting just right, but I’m just one of those people that is irritated by little wardrobe malfunctions.

After the last rip, I put in a life line and hope that it wouldn’t have been necessary.  I hope to finish this new cardigan over the weekend…  Or burn the darn thing (just joking, but ripping is fair game).


Knitting and Planning

Autumn is nearly upon us, sigh, you know how happy that makes me…  And crafty, too.  There’s another super, secret knitting project on the sticks that I just cannot wait to finish (if I can just get my hands on either US 13 dpns or a 16″ circular). 

It's under that fluff somewhere

The sewing machine was pulled out not two days ago (grant it, I had to sew the name tapes on Mr. Yarn Bearer’s uniforms, but still, it counts) and I am determined to finish the log cabin quilt I started exactly two years ago. 

Thoughts on Christmas presents, I have yet to decide about the extended family.  Last year, I made a batch of lavender cookies for my two neighbors.  The neighbor on the right was appreciative while I heard nothing from the left.  I’m not at all offended, but I don’t want to do the same thing every year.  This Christmas, I was thinking about the sewn coasters from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.  As the title suggests, I probably will wait until the last minute.

A family jaunt to Pennsylvania coming in November has me focused on the warm and cozy knits at the moment.  I hope there will still be some of those fall colors in early/mid November.  Exciting still will be the visit to the Summit Yarn Studio in Clark’s Summit, PA.  When we visited last (about three years ago), I was still such a new knitter that I was overwhelmed by the shear glory of all that yarn, floor to ceiling and just pouring out the shelves and the owner was such a joy to talk to.  I ended up leaving with twelve skeins of Rowan Denim, six skeins of Cascade Pastaza, two skeins of Farmhouse Yarns Silk Spun Cotton (that’s where we first met), and a MaggiKnits book.  Oh, what will I come home with next time…  The possibilities!

Slouchy Cardigan

My mother asked for an afghan.  A big throw in red with a big white ‘A’ in the middle, with Knit Picks’ Crayon.  Hmmmm.

And yet, somehow I ended up with a Slouchy Cardigan.  Trust me, Mom, this is way better and you already have two four three billion Alabama throws, sweaters, and key chains.  I’ll be shipping it out this week, just try it on and walk around the house in it for a while, you’ll see.  A handknit cardigan is way better than another throw (like that quilt I made you three years ago that’s still sitting in the spare room’s closet…).

Pattern:  Slouchy Cardigan by Helene Roux from Greetings from Knit Cafe

Yarn:  Knit Picks’ Crayon in Red (very, very red)

Needles:  US 8

Size:  Medium/Large

Make sure you check the errata for this pattern, but even with the corrections, you’ll have to force the sleeve caps into the armholes.  Even so, the finished project is well worth the effort, very cozy.