Knitting and Planning

Autumn is nearly upon us, sigh, you know how happy that makes me…  And crafty, too.  There’s another super, secret knitting project on the sticks that I just cannot wait to finish (if I can just get my hands on either US 13 dpns or a 16″ circular). 

It's under that fluff somewhere

The sewing machine was pulled out not two days ago (grant it, I had to sew the name tapes on Mr. Yarn Bearer’s uniforms, but still, it counts) and I am determined to finish the log cabin quilt I started exactly two years ago. 

Thoughts on Christmas presents, I have yet to decide about the extended family.  Last year, I made a batch of lavender cookies for my two neighbors.  The neighbor on the right was appreciative while I heard nothing from the left.  I’m not at all offended, but I don’t want to do the same thing every year.  This Christmas, I was thinking about the sewn coasters from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.  As the title suggests, I probably will wait until the last minute.

A family jaunt to Pennsylvania coming in November has me focused on the warm and cozy knits at the moment.  I hope there will still be some of those fall colors in early/mid November.  Exciting still will be the visit to the Summit Yarn Studio in Clark’s Summit, PA.  When we visited last (about three years ago), I was still such a new knitter that I was overwhelmed by the shear glory of all that yarn, floor to ceiling and just pouring out the shelves and the owner was such a joy to talk to.  I ended up leaving with twelve skeins of Rowan Denim, six skeins of Cascade Pastaza, two skeins of Farmhouse Yarns Silk Spun Cotton (that’s where we first met), and a MaggiKnits book.  Oh, what will I come home with next time…  The possibilities!


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