Domestic Arts, I haz ’em

I cannot eat another bite, for the rest of my life.  The past two days have been devoted to food.  Not just any food, though, Greek food.  Thanks to Savannah’s annual Greek Festival, I’ve eaten more baklava than any one person rightfully should (and spanakopita… and dolmathes…).  I must have been Greek in a previous life and the love of their food has carried on into this one.  I’m not complaining.

It wasn’t all Greek.  Tonight, I made a special little dish:  Cherry Tomato, Bocconcini, and Zucchini Pie…

Nom nom nom (if anyone is interested in the recipe, just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to post it).  We topped it off with (what was left) fresh Greek pastries (couldn’t be helped)…

Note to self – Run an extra mile or two tomorrow morning, possibly Monday, too.

I should add hand calisthenics to my exercise routine, because my knitting has been non-stop.  I’m working on The Yarn Bearer pattern booklet, exciting, yes?!  It will be just a small collection, a handful of various patterns by me, hopefully out by January. 

I’m aware that not everyone wants to purchase an entire booklet, therefore the individual patterns will also be available via Ravelry.  I’m quite fond of the option to do so these days.  Why spend $15-30 for one pattern (and others that you don’t want) when you could just spend $5 (or more, seems like individual prices are going up a bit lately) to get what you want.  Hmmm, it’s late, I’m babbling, and there’s entirely too much sugar in my blood stream so I’ll leave it at that.


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