The weekend started with non-stop rain and so very grey.  So grey, in fact, that it had reminded me of a little bit of color I had waiting in one of my knitting bags.  When did I start my Bazaar Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts?  Eh, who cares, this turned out to be an “in between projects” project, though there was an long pause in August.

I will not deny that these socks taught me an unbelievable amount of focus.  I can now make things explode with my mind. 

I used Knit Picks’ Palette in the three solid greens and purples (one of each).  There’s enough left over to make another pair…  Maybe I’ll be able to bend time and space itself after another pair of these.

Saturday turned out to be decent, if a bit soggy.  We live close enough to the Savannah Wildlife Preserve that when we’re feeling cabin feverish, a quick drive allows us to take in some lovely views.  (Psst!  Even though it’s just a black blob, there’s a little sneak pick at my newest pattern.)

We even met a raccoon family, walking along the trail.  This is the only shot I was able to get as they seemed determined not to socialize today.  Mama raccoon looked quite grumpy wrangling her three not-so wee babies.


2 thoughts on “Insanisocks

  1. RIGHT?! I think this winter is going to be rough. You don’t usually need a jacket/coat until December here in Savannah, and Montgomery, too. But it was 39 degrees yesterday morning!
    And you can’t have them, I wore them all day yesterday. My toes were so warm, but my hands were freezing. Time to make fingerless mitts.

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