I feel a great need to relax before the market on Saturday.  The weather looks to be a toss up, however, if it does turn foul, you will still find us there, on the fourth floor of the Robinson Parking Garage on York and Montgomery Streets.

Here is my first, wild fling with forcing bulbs.  My blue grape hyacinths have already begun to flower and the black tulips, I suspect, should be budding very soon.



hyacinths and tulips

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Calming

  1. Hi there!
    I saw you at the market bazaar last week and bought a skein of your beautiful Uber Sock. Now I’m dreaming of something to make with it! As a fellow Savannah crafter, I was wondering how the market was and if you would recommend it as a venue?

    • I loved being a vendor at the Savannah Market Bazaar! I got to speak with so many different people and the coordinators are awesome. I totally recommend it! Glad to hear from you and have fun with your yarn!

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