March 14th Market

I’ll be at the Savannah Market Bazaar, again, this Saturday (March 14th) at the Robinson Parking Garage (9am to 2pm).  Feel free to stop by and say hello!



So the To Dye For! yarn club has finally come to an end.  I sent out the last shipment on Tuesday and the subscribers should start getting their yarns by the end of the week.  Dyeing yarn with a few set perimeters and a little “cheat sheet” turned out to be interesting and fun.  I was also more apt to blend colors I probably never would have considered otherwise.

I’ve decided, after poking and prodding from the veteran club members as well as those who missed out on the club, to set up another club.  In April, the Nightmare Yarn Club begins! 


I’m trying my hand at a six monthclub with twenty-five spaces (some available in my Etsy shop, more may open up after the 15th).  Unlike the last club, subscribers will be receiving similar skeins based on common nightmares.  The idea came to me one morning after yet another vivid dream caused me to wake up covered in sweat (man, I hope that was sweat) and a bit shaky.

I have a few reoccurring dreams, but have also never experience other common nightmares.  Mine usually consist of being chased or wild animals (often me riding an uncontrollable, black horse).  I’ve never experienced dreams of falling or drowning, though many others, I’ve been told, have.

Another one of my reoccurring dreams is odd.  Everything is dark and shadowy with flashes of bright green, but there’s no sound.  I’m more of an observer in this dream and sometimes there are people, sometimes not.  However, there’s really nothing more to it than me observing a fantastically depressing environment void of sound.  Weird.  My brains, they are a dark place, I tell you.