Etsy Front Page!

My Mrrrphmrrf Cowl made the front page of Etsy yesterday from 11am to 12pm!  I’m so excited, here’s the screenshot:

The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry, but if you’re not a knitter, I handknit and sell them on Etsy.  I actually opened up a separate Etsy shop for ready to wear handknits because of the recent requests.  In all the excitement, I didn’t notice the copyright infringement until a LSG mate pointed it out…  Can you find it?! 

*shakes head in disappointment*


Boatswain Mate (or designing for my inner seafarer)

The current design in progress is of the aran persuasion, which is always a joy.  Cables had my heart since knitting day one, especially with the history.  One day, I plan to work up an Alice Starmore sweater (Na Craga or Irish Moss), but until then, I’m working up a simple cabled pullover to get a quick fix.

I’m giving myself a January 31st goal to have the project completed and pattern available.


I’m a dirty, stinkin’ liar.  I didn’t get those pictures just yet because my photographer (read:  husband) is under the weather still.  I’ll get to it eventually.

I also had rehearsal last night…  I haven’t mentioned it before now.  I’m playing the character of Rocky Horror in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A Rocky Horror with boobs is full of win in my book!

If you live in Savannah or will be in the area, come check out the production.  We have a website with all the information you need on tickets, location, cast bios, etc.  Check it, yo!

Editing to add my Rocky Horror gold costume, RAWR!

Mrrrphmrrf Cowl

August was my last post, eh?  Shame on me.  2009 ended up being a rough year for a lot of people, I’m glad it’s over.  I’m ready to make the most of 2010 and I’m starting it off with a new design:  Mrrrphmrrf Cowl

I see couture knitwear and while yes, it is someone’s work of art, I also can’t help but think what a waste of good wool (or cashmere, alpaca, silk…).  I like functional, wearable art.  This cowl works for me.