I’m a dirty, stinkin’ liar.  I didn’t get those pictures just yet because my photographer (read:  husband) is under the weather still.  I’ll get to it eventually.

I also had rehearsal last night…  I haven’t mentioned it before now.  I’m playing the character of Rocky Horror in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A Rocky Horror with boobs is full of win in my book!

If you live in Savannah or will be in the area, come check out the production.  We have a website with all the information you need on tickets, location, cast bios, etc.  Check it, yo!

Editing to add my Rocky Horror gold costume, RAWR!


5 thoughts on “Liar

  1. It was suggested… and denied. I have a matching tube top to cover the lady bits (updated the post with a picture for you).

  2. OH ROCKY! (hehehe sorry, couldn’t resist tossing that line out!)

    I don’t think in all my years of seeing Rocky (20+) that I’ve seen a female Rocky yet! Have fun! Be sure to tell us how it went. 😀

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