Let’s see, one miscalculation can completely fuck up a sweater.  I have proof.  The new pattern I was working on had spot on gauge for the width, but not so much in length.  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t notice much until I came up to the shoulders.  I’ll get back to re-writing one day, but not today.  Probably not tomorrow with.  Or next week.  Just looking at all that work make me want to bust out a blow torch, but who wants to waste the good wool?

I’ve diverted my attention back to my Snow White sweater that was started back in August.  Just touching the Malabrigo (in Paris Night) is enough to make me forget all about the abomination-sweater.  The body was finished a while back, along with one and a half sleeves.  Honestly, this could have been completed ages ago.  It’s time to remedy that.


2 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. I love this caplet however is this possible to make large enough to cover the front of the body as well? Would it be hard to add on to it? I never have done this but I make shawls for my mother all the time for church and she would want it to cover her in the front as well.

    • Yes, you can add more chart repeats (it’s a multiple of 18 sts + 1). Just measure the shoulder circumference, test your gauge, and you’ll know how many extra repeats you will need.

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