Etsy Front Page – Again!

At 11:oo pm EST, my new Celeste capelet made its début on Etsy’s front page.  I’m probably way more excited about this than I should be, but for good reason.  My first Etsy shop, for all of my kettle dyed yarns, only made the front page once in the two years it has been active.  My new shop, dedicated to ready-to-wear handknits has only been around since mid-December and my items have made the front page twice.  I must be doing something right.
I’ve got some more Mrrrphmrrf Cowls (in cream, gold, blue ming, lime, red-purple, and pumpkin) that will be listed in BitterEnd next week.  Keep an eye out!

One thought on “Etsy Front Page – Again!

  1. Really love………. this sweater and the fact that it is seamless it just great. I would love it to be a free pattern. PLEASE!!!!!!!

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