In which another mistake is discovered…

Snow White.  I weep for you.

Apparently, when I was knitting the body to my Snow White sweater back in October, I managed to skip an entire section of repeats.  Fast forward to this week when I joined the sleeves and completed the raglan shaping, twenty stitches short. 

That’s right, I had to rip back, place the sleeves back on holders, and continue ripping back all the way down to the waist.  At least it’s not all bad, the sleeves are finished.  I also recall the body not taking an exorbitant amount of time anyway.  More or less, I’m just disappointed with my self and the giant brain fart or blow to the cranium I must have had at the time.

There’s also two sweaters in a row that I’ve managed to botch.  Go me.


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