Fresh Pick

I needed this, a quick and sweet project to forget about the previous two botches sweaters.  I’m happy to report that Sprout was knit without any ripping, tinking, back-tracking, or whathaveyou!

This top-down, seamless knit turned out exactly as I had hoped.  Funnel neck, round yoke shaping, 3/4 sleeves, and I bit longer with moderate ease to allow for some growing room.  Perfect.


So, do you want it?  For free?  Let me know, because I have yet to possess mind-reading capabilities (damn it).  I’m thinking that when this blog post gets 100 comments, requesting this pattern, I’ll post it for free on  GO!


16 thoughts on “Fresh Pick

  1. would love to have pattern for sprout for free. need to knit jumpers for my grandchildren and would love to do a neck down pattern. Will make a change from socks, which I do toe up!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl you have modelling that sweet sweater. My daughter is more like a 12 yr old in size so it the pattern goes up that big then I would definately knit it up. Otherwise I dont have any little girls to knit for in that size unfortunately!

  3. 100 comments, you’re not too demanding. I like the sweater, it really is a girls’ sweater, or maybe that’s the colour? A fast knit, you say, like in the ideal gift?

    • It’s just the color, knit it in blue and I’m sure a boy would love it and wear it well. And no, I don’t ask for much, unless… you think I should. Send me you credit card information and I’ll make sure you get a FREE copy of my pattern…

      That was just a joke. Don’t post your credit card, hehe.

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