Hoop Shoot

Not knitting. 

Photography by Erik Bingesser (who happens to have a website right here).  I also have a separate website for this non-knitting material:  Riot Hooping.



Knitting stereotypes.  Let us break them.

My 2009 Honda Rebel… which has saddlebags solely for the purpose of carrying my knitting to and from my favorite yarn shop (Wild Fibre, on the corner of Liberty and Bull Streets in Savannah).  Have you seen my tattoos?  My full sleeve was finished in January, but I haven’t gotten around to photographing its piratey glory (this weekend, maybe?). 

These cats are trying to kill me

I have three cats (in chronological order):  Tippy (8), Dina (7), and Calypso (7 months).  Tippy is a fluffy mother fucker while Dina and Calypso are short hair kitties.  Although, Dina grooms Tippy more than Tippy grooms Tippy.  You can probably imagine that my house is a hair ball factory and it’s killing me because I have carpet.

Of course, the only place they want to ever puke is on the carpet (Why not the tile, huh?  Like the time Dina was ON the tile, started yacking, and literally launched herself onto the carpet to barf.  Thanks, Dina, you’re the best.).  Not just any carpet though, it has to be the living room, right in the middle.  Those little bastards.

I’m saving my pennies to buy that self-locking laminate wood flooring.  If we do it ourselves, it’ll cost $983 for everything (the flooring, tools, underlayment, circular saw, spacers, everything).  Well, we have to do it ourselves because when we paid Lowe’s to come out here for their estimate, they said $5,200 for my four-hundred square foot living room (jaw on floor goes here).  Yeah.  That estimate was for LAMINATE flooring, we’re not talking about fancy-schmancy wood here, it just looks like wood.

I’m going to put up a little goal calculator so everyone can see the progress of my no-more-scrubbing-carpet-fund.  Right now I have…  $76.  WOOT!  Almost there, but not really.