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While I’m waiting on all the booklet yarn to arrive (and there’ s a lot, pics next week when they come in), I’m finishing up a few personal projects.  I had purchased Malabrigo Worsted from Wild Fiber (lys in Savannah, Georgia) and after searching for the perfect pattern, I found the Cabled Pullover from Lion Brand.  Le sigh.  I saw that there had been corrections back in November and again just two days ago, but apparently they were still not aware of the shoulder shaping problem I ran into yesterday.  At least for the smallest size, the should shaping numbers do not add up and would be very ill-fitting even if they did.  So, I’m worked up the shoulders my own way.  If you would like to follow my errata for the pattern, you’re welcome to it:

Shoulder shaping (for front and back, smallest size):

When armhole measures 7″, BO 9 sts at armhole edge.

Work next row (which, for the back, is neck shaping).

BO 10 sts at armhole .

Work next row.

BO remaining sts.

Hope that helps.  I’m finishing up my Cabled Pullover as soon as I finish this post.  Pictures will be added shortly, so check back in the next couple of days for the completed pullover.


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