The Pearl Clutcher’s first day out

Today was cold with a biting wind; the perfect day to take my new Pearl Clutcher cardigan out for it’s maiden stroll around town. My first stop was my LYS, Gosh Yarn It, where I intended on purchasing yarn for a new design (and, OH! what fun the pearl clutchers will have with this project).

I arrived and browsed the store while a group had begun to gather for the Saturday knit in. As I eyed some super soft Classic Elite, a woman asked if I knitted my sweater. Yes, so she asked to get a better look. The moment of truth arrived; being wrapped in knitted dicks has never felt so naked… Ahem.

I walked to the table they gathered around, opened my arms, and moved my hair. After a few moments of your standard compliments, a woman exclaims, ” I WAS JUST LOOKING AT THAT PATTERN ON RAVELRY!” She pressed the women to look closer, could they see it? And a wave of realization creeped in and the laughter ensued. They got a chuckle and poked fun at the people who couldn’t see it right away, then laughed harder when it came to them.

The Pearl Clutcher cardigan was a success. One lady took a picture for her Instagram, the topic turned to steeks and fair isle, I grabbed the yarn I needed, and went on my way.

On my way home, I stopped at a busy pizza parlor. No one noticed my cardigan. Then a stopped by Barnes and Noble. Still, no one noticed. I imagine that beyond fiber enthusiasts, most people won’t notice the details of a sweater.

You can knit the Pearl Clutcher and still where it out. I mean, it’s meant to be worn and it is quite warm; stranded wool knits are perfect for those bitter winter days. I’d love to see some finished projects and would be thrilled to see photos of your FOs!


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