Look familiar?

You may be familiar with my Gaia shrug pattern:


Perhaps you can see the resemblance to a pattern published by Drops:


We have a growing trend here. Large yarn industry companies are ignoring the rights of smaller, indie designers by stealing our patterns to sell their products. The most recent is the issue with Trendsetter Yarns and the Wingspan pattern by Maylin. This gained a lot of exposure, but there are many cases, like mine, that fly below the radar.

I was happy to see a resolution between Trendsetter Yarns and Maylin, although TY’s apology was lacking. If you’re a fiber enthusiast, please support the rights of indie designers and not companies that choose to exploit their works. I have tried to contact Drops about the Gaia pattern situation, but they have never responded. There may not be anything I can do about them removing the pattern, but I can choose to boycott their products and the products of any company that partakes in similar business practices.


7 thoughts on “Look familiar?

  1. Totally boycotting. That really sucks. I’ve tried writing patterns so I can only imagine how much work went into that. It’s no consolation but they only stole it because it’s such a pretty pattern. And more of a consolation, I’m probably going to buy your pattern now because it’s just what I’m looking for and probably wouldn’t have found it if not for this post.

    • Thank you, and yes, someone showed me the Cherry Tree Hill incident. Yet another company off of my buy list. I have 122,000+ followers on Tumblr, so my next move is to post the situation over there. Social media is one way to get things done about these problems.

  2. Woah, I didn’t expect that of Drops – I’ve been using their patterns a lot and will definitely contact them about this, letting them know that now I’m worried about inadvertently ripping off indie designers should I use or promote their patterns again. I’ll let you know if I get any reaction at all…

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