More MagCloud Prints

There are two more additions to my MagCloud arsenal:  Pearl Clutcher Magnum and Rutland!

ImageYou recently met Pearl Clutcher Magnum, but Rutland is from a few years ago.  I had high hopes for Rutland, because it knit up so beautifully.  When I first made it available, a lot of people jumped on it.  But as time progressed, knitters were finding horrendous errors in the pattern.  After helping a few people through the pattern, I sat down and start going through the numbers.  It was a nightmare.  


I remember saving the pattern and coming back to it later, but the save didn’t take and half of the numbers reverted back to a previous save.  I didn’t catch that until it was too late.  While most people inquired politely, I did get a lot of hate mail about it.  I understand the frustration, but I don’t think “die in a fire” is an appropriate message over a knitting pattern.

Anyway.  I stepped away from designing for a while after that; making a few things here and there, but I lost my enthusiasm.  As you can see, I’m back in the saddle.  After Freyr and the two Pearl Clutchers, I decided that it was time to give Rutland an overhaul.

Yesterday, I sat in front of my computer with a pot of coffee and combed through the pattern and converted the entire thing into charts.  I love knitting from charts.  Not so in love with making them (especially when different sizes require their very own chart).  It’s worth it though.  All mistakes are stamped out, because it’s all right there in front of you.  

I’m confident that Rutland is now the pattern it should have been two years ago.  I hope people will give it another chance; it really is a lovely knit and I still wear mine daily.  I may even make another, soon.  Go check out the MagCloud pages and you can also find Pearl Clutcher Magnum and Rutland on Ravelry (click here for my designer page).



Other things

While I’m waiting on all the booklet yarn to arrive (and there’ s a lot, pics next week when they come in), I’m finishing up a few personal projects.  I had purchased Malabrigo Worsted from Wild Fiber (lys in Savannah, Georgia) and after searching for the perfect pattern, I found the Cabled Pullover from Lion Brand.  Le sigh.  I saw that there had been corrections back in November and again just two days ago, but apparently they were still not aware of the shoulder shaping problem I ran into yesterday.  At least for the smallest size, the should shaping numbers do not add up and would be very ill-fitting even if they did.  So, I’m worked up the shoulders my own way.  If you would like to follow my errata for the pattern, you’re welcome to it:

Shoulder shaping (for front and back, smallest size):

When armhole measures 7″, BO 9 sts at armhole edge.

Work next row (which, for the back, is neck shaping).

BO 10 sts at armhole .

Work next row.

BO remaining sts.

Hope that helps.  I’m finishing up my Cabled Pullover as soon as I finish this post.  Pictures will be added shortly, so check back in the next couple of days for the completed pullover.