Ninja Warrior Knitter

In non-knitting news, I submitted my application for Season 5 of American Ninja Warrior. Check out my submission video…

I hope the regional tryouts aren’t in Miami again.


Crochet Steek Video with Me!

As I prepared my latest steek project, I decided to video the process. If you’re interested in watching a crochet steek in action, check out the video!

The project is my new design, the Breast Blanket Ever. You’ll see why soon enough; I plan to have the pattern available next week.

Here we go

Now that I’ve passed my six week post-op, I’m running again.  It feels so good to get back to my old routine, I’ve been doing this all week…

But with just the one treadmill.  I’m finishing up the Girl’s Games Sweater.  All that is left is sewing on the sleeves and adding the collar.  You don’t know how happy I am to have this finished.  I hope to have pictures for you early next week. 

May 11 & 12

I still feel like death warmed over, and over, and over…  But we’re all working though it.  Nothing like a Man Cold on Mother’s Day. 

I have a feeling that I’ll have this runny nose for the next two weeks, argh.  A small project was finished yesterday, presenting the White on White Hair Pin.

Simple, but makes for a lovely hair accessory.  For today, I made this drinking glass cozy from Pierrot.  It makes me want to make some lemonade, only, I’m too lazy to go to the store at the moment.  Unfortunately, here’s a shot of me ripping it out because all of my cups and glasses are way too big.

Back to Mother’s Day.  Mr. Yarn Bearer had made a valiant attempt at choosing gifts from Shana Logic, but ended up giving a generous gift card instead.  When the goodies arrive, I’ll be sure to throw together a picture show.  Can’t wait!