Notice Anything Freee?!

See that new tab up there?  Next to Convoluted Discourse, yeah, right there.  There’s a free pattern in there, that’s right, freee.  Give me a few more days and I’ll get an actual tutorial (with step by step photos) for the Needle Kimonos. 

But until then, have a blast with the Three Quarters Apron.  Sweet name, huh?  Yeah, I thought so, too. 

**Editing to say that if you make the Three Quarters Apron, please send me pictures!  I’d love to see your aprons!  Maybe we could start a Flickr Group for it, we’ll see.**


50 Things You Can’t Tell by Looking at Me

1.  I like jazz music.  I can really snap my fingers to Getz and Gilberto.

2.  I had a 3.8 GPA in college.  The “homemaker” title makes most think otherwise.

3.  I want to own Cashmere goats, for both fiber and milk (and the delicious cheeses).

4.  I cannot conceive that men have the exact same emotions women do, we’re much deeper and evolved.

5.  My hero is Catherine the Great.

6.  When I see people crying, I can’t help but smile, and sometimes laugh (even if I know there’s something terribly wrong).

7.  When I’m nervous, I clean my finger nails.

8.  I hate Brussels sprouts, but every few years or so, I try them again just to see if my tastes have changed (and they haven’t, yet)

9.  I like video games, mostly fast paced shooters (like Quake) and cutesy games (like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing).  If the gaming industry would just combine the two…  like Llamas with boom sticks and rocket launchers, sweeeet.

10.  I have to wipe my hands clean every time I touch a piece of food.  Eat a chip, wipe my hands, eat a chip, wipe my hands, eat another chip, wipe my hands…  EVEN THOUGH I know that I’m going to go back for more in, like, two seconds.

11.  I want to live in the middle of nowhere and live a selfsufficent lifestyle.  No electricity, just candles and a wood burning stove.  A veggie garden and livestock (goats! and some chickens, maybe a guard llama).  A one room cottage filled with my kitty-cats.

12.  Orange juice makes me hiccup.

13.  I used to mountain bike, but too many head injuries has me wary of all that now (but I have yet to get ride of my bike).

14.  I had a mohawk once, for about a year.

15.  I love cream filled donuts (like Dunkin’ Donuts’, drool), but haven’t eaten one in over four years.

16.  I wish I could dress like a pioneer all the time without getting funny looks.

17.  I don’t like wearing rings, I requested we skip the engagement ring and I don’t even wear my wedding band.

18.  I have a bubble.  Personal space, that is.  Don’t touch me, ever. 

19.  I don’t fight “fair,” whatever that means.

20.  I quote movies like Haggard, Eight Crazy Nights, and Army of Darkness.

21.  I find upward inflections annoying.

22.  I like NPR.

23.  Occasionally, I say random comments that encourages the gag reflex.

24.  My dream “vacations” (though, I think they’re more of the “trek” persuasion) are visits to Easter Island, Siberia, Tibet, the Shetland Isles, and hoping around the more obscure Eastern European countries.

25.  I’m naturally blond.

26.  I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs (but for some reason, that shocks people, WTF?)

27.  I love coffee, lots, and lots of coffee.

28.  I’m from Alabama, but I don’t like tea.

29.  When I’m mad, my mouth is like a smoking gun…  Mean, spiteful things come out before I realize it.

30.  I cannot bait a fishing hook (you know, with live bait), freaks me out.

31.  I want to adopt every kitty in the universe and feed them Fancy Feast and knit them cat beds.

32.  I think ghost stories and movies are awesome, but if I ever saw a real ghost, I’d probably freeze up, and then throw up.

33.  I have a tattoo that no one ever sees, but not because it’s in a “dirty” place, I just don’t wear mid drift-type tops (and even then you wouldn’t see all of it).

34.  When I was very little, I wanted a sheep for Christmas, but I only got a sheep doll.  I guess it explains the fiber habit a bit.

35.  I like old movies, specifically the musicals like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady (actually, Mr. Yarn Bearer adores this movie, but I doubt he would use the word “adore”), Pin Up Girl, and some others.

36.  I prefer llama over alpaca.

37.  Linen over cotton.

38.  Angora over mohair.

39.  Wool over superwash wool.

40.  And all of the above (plus some) over acrylic.

41.  We bought our Scion xB for me… but I think Mr. Yarn Bearer’s Jeep Wrangler is more fun to drive.

42.  I’m not as sweet as I used to be.

43.  I like knitting fiction, like the crime novels by Mark Kruger and Maggie Sefton.

44.  I sort my yarn by brand, but one day, I’ll sort my yarn autobiographically, knitting books, too.

45.  I knit with  small needles most of the time, my US 1’s and 3’s get a work out.

46.  Tulips are my favorite flowers.

47.  I want to grow my own lavender and use it my lavender shortbread cookies.  Mmmm.  Mr. Yarn Bearer says it’s like eating a flower, a really good flower.

48.  Am I the only person who thinks decaf coffee is absurd?

49.  I like to look into a person’s eyes when they’re speaking to me.

50.  I plan on getting my Mr. Yarn Bearer’s name tattooed across my abdomen in big, bold, Old English lettering…  when I’m sixty years old and we’re still married. 

Toy Store Brawlers

I attempted the Black Friday shopping crawl this morning, but came home empty handed.  I’m not crazy about shopping, and it turns out that I saved more money ordering online than I would have in the stores. 

But why did I come home with nothing to show for it?  Well, when I arrived at the Toys R Us at 5:20 am, and almost got t-boned in the parking lot, there were zero buggies and a line of twenty or so people waiting for said buggies.  Without a buggy, I went in anyway to see what I could carry out. The traffic inside was worse than the parking lot, specifically in the “Ride On’s” section and the check out line of doom, which I needed to pass to get to the board games.  Things were backed up and no one was moving, so an elderly woman behind me began hitting me in the butt with her buggy.

I find it difficult to be polite when someone is blatantly trying to run me down with a shopping cart full of toddler toys.  “Get off my ass,”  I said. 

The elderly woman replies, “You’re in my way!  Get out off my way!” 

“I can’t move.  No one is moving.”

“Well, you need to move.”  At this, she decided to turn down the aisle next to us and in passing said this, “Better watch yourself before you get a beat down!”

“I don’t see that happening.  They’re just toys, lady.”

I was threatened by a 65+ year old woman.  Sounds like Black Friday to me.  After parting ways with dear granny, I witnessed a woman threaten another teary-eyed woman with a “punch in the face.”  With that, I took my leave and saved over $25, on the same toys I sought in the store, online.  But I regret not taking my camera with all the action going on.

If you have a Black Friday story you would like to share, I would love to hear it.  Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like the ginger bread houses and shopping cart road kill on aisle seven.

Sixteen in Three

Sewing bug still going strong.  Sixteen projects in three days.  The family outing yesterday lead us to Fabrika, a cute fabric store in Savannah’s Historic District.  Preferences I have in fabrics store include, but are not limited to, the following:  Alexander Henry, Anna Marie Horner, handmade goodies for purchase (covet the handmade), and a good selection of fat quarters.  Fabrika has all of this, therefore, my heart, she is glad.

I’m a bit of a fat quarter junkie, but only left with three; two from Chocolate Lollipops and one unknown foodie-type vintage fabric.  As for their handmade goods, they have purses and aprons galore in the AH and AMH fabrics, what’s not to love about that?  If you have a chance, stop by, you’ll be glad you did.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Scarf

Daughter left with a fat quarter of her own, proclaiming that it would make a great scarf, and it did.  I sat down and made a scarf when we got home and after thinking over the aprons in Fabrika, my fat quarters did not last long.  This is what you can do with three fat quarters…

Foodie Apron Chocolate Lollipops Apron

Simple, reversible, and I’m loving it.  If anyone is at all wanting a tutorial, just ask and I’ll put one together, but it’s not like either of these projects are terribly involved.  You can get through them in less than an hour.  So there you go.

I’ve still got apron-fever and I’m thinking that I may have to get my hands on Amy Butler’s Cafe Wrap Apron pattern (and the free instructions for making it into a skirt).  As for the other fourteen projects, I made knitting needle cozies for a up coming holiday gift sale at a friend’s house.  I’m naming them Needle Kimonos, though, because of the kimono collar.  My glass needles (a gift from my dear friend, Julia, got to love that woman) look sweet wrapped in cotton goodness.  I may post a tutorial for these as well… again, that’s if there is any interest, let me know!

Needle Kimono 

In knitting news, I finished sock one of two for the BIL.  Mr. Yarn Bearer makes for a good model, though BIL’s are a bit smaller, they should be a perfect fit.  Ta ta.

BIL Sock

JOY! With Gratuitous Photos


As promised, many pics of the finished Joy cardigan and new projects (just two).



I haven’t put buttons on just yet, waiting for the right ones to come along.  Anyway, on to the stats:

Pattern:  Joy, by Kim Hargreaves, Rowan’s Vintage Knits

Yarn:  Knit Picks Gloss, in Sahara, six skeins

Needles:  US1 (cuffs), US2 (collar and CO), US3 (body and sleeves)

Size:  34″ bust

Notes:  I didn’t change the pattern except for not using the beads.  I do think the cuffs would be better off knit with the US2 needles, but it’s fine.  I love it, have gotten many compliments, I just need to get those buttons on.

As for new projects, I’ve started the Hemlock Ring Blanketfrom Brooklyn Tweed’s blog…


 The other project is my BIL’s x-mas present, the Boyfriend Socksfrom SlippedStitch’s blog.  I’ve deemed them the Brother-In-Law Socks because, otherwise, it just doesn’t sound right…


Tippy seems to like them, my Mr. Fluffy Pants!  Who is shedding like a horror at the moment and actually, very nearly, burned up the motor on my vacuum cleaner.